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Custom Kitchen
16 Oct

When Is The Best Time For A Kitchen Renovation

It has long been a belief among homeowners that spring and summer are the ideal time for kitchen renovations, but this really is not the case. Autumn and winter are better options to undertake a custom kitchen remodel. So, now that the leaves are starting to change colour, it’s time to call your local designer, book a consultation and get started!

Save Money & Faster Turn Around Time

Now is the time to start taking advantage of reduced prices for your kitchen. Because of declining demands, sometimes you will see the costs of construction materials drop, or manufacturers will feature special offers to lower inventory and appliances go on sale before the holiday season. If you’re looking for a custom kitchen in Regina, the materials may not drop in price, however, due to it being slower months, you can get a faster turn around with your project.

Ideal weather

You may not love the cold weather but your kitchen contractor love it! After all, snow is much more construction friendly than rain. Wouldn’t you rather stand in the snow than in the rain, given the choice?

Also, installing wood or tile flooring necessitates ideal conditions, and those conditions happen in the fall. Flooring adhesives need the temperature above -5 degrees. Cold, damp air prevents the adhesive from drying properly, so being able to control the temperature of your furnace during the dry winter months is perfect.

Custom Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Timing is everything

No one likes living in kitchen renovations, so why not plan a vacation to avoid disruption in your daily routine at home? The fall and winter are Canadian’s favourite times of year to escape to the sunny south, so plan your getaway when the contractor is getting started in your space.

And the best part? By having your custom kitchen installed in the winter, you can fully enjoy your space in the summer when you are doing the most entertaining.

Because everyone else is busy in the spring and summer with their custom kitchen renovations, you will be ahead of the renovation crowd when you update in the fall and winter. Just think, when your family and friends are tearing out their kitchens and stressing through the best months, you’ll be enjoying the sunny skies and a beautiful custom kitchen.